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Today we would like to introduce to you Jen and Mell of  The Vintage Honey Shop!  I am so incredibly in love with this adorable teething necklace! As moms we often quickly lose the simple luxuries such as wearing basic pieces of jewelry as our tiny babes turn into grabbing, chewing on everything babies and toddlers! My Miss Libby can’t keep her hands or teeth off of whatever I am wearing so this teething necklaces is super amazing for me! I love that I can look cute and fashionable again and give my babe something to chew on and keep her amused without worrying if it is safe! You must head over to the Vintage Honey Shop if you have a little one or know anyone who will be soon and get one or several of these adorable necklaces that are offered in so many trendy fabrics! I know I will be wearing this one long after my baby chewing days are over too which makes it even sweeter!!

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What’s your favorite sweet treat? Jen: icecream Mel: chocolate
Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate? Jen: dark Mel: both!
What is your favorite time of day to create? Jen: late morning to mid afternoon Mel: all day long! whenever I can fit the time in!
What’s your favorite holiday? Both: Thanksgiving
What color describes your personality best? (this was a hard one!) Jen: violet, because I am shy and timid (but my fav color is yellow)! Mel: yellow, because people say i have a sunshine-y personality!
What makes your life sweeter? Both: our families & Jesus!
Why do you create what you create? Both: because we get to create beautiful things that help moms with their babies & help them feel beautiful!
What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops? (too many, we don’t want to play favs)
What advice would you give someone just starting out selling handmade? Don’t give up on your dreams. Know your target customer, if a product doesn’t sell well then re-vamp it or come up with another one. We went thru several different products before we found our nitch.
About you and what you create: We make fabric beaded teething necklaces for mamas to wear & for babies to enjoy!

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Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration with The Vintage Honey Shop; all views are my own

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