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We would like to introduce today’s artist, Yvette from The Carbon CrusaderI’m so digging these engraved pencils in the cutest colors!! They have all sorts of fun and funny sayings, and they even do custom sayings! I think I may need some that say “Live Sweet or “Have a Sweet Day!” don’t you!

Live Sweet Photography

What’s your favorite sweet treat?: Dark chocolate!
Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate?: Definitely dark.
What is your favorite time of day to create?: Afternoon, typically.
What’s your favorite holiday?: Every single weekend!
What color describes your personality best?: Indigo blue and silver
What makes your life sweeter?: Friendship, definitely. Also books. I love reading.
Why do you create what you create?: I’m passionate about words and the thoughts they express. I create products that allow people to express themselves, either through writing or their sense of humor.
What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops?: lucysnowephotography,  BettyTurboTheBrilliantMagpie 
About you and what you : We’re a small family business located in Houston Texas, creating customized pencils and humorous gifts. We help people express their feelings through words, either through products they commission, or our ready-made selections. Funny, professional, and friendly, that’s us!



To view and shop her adorable creations visit her Etsy shop!

The Carbon Crusader

Live Sweet

Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration with The Carbon Crusader; all views are my own

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