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We are so excited for you to meet Caitlin Wilhelm of Caitlin’s Creations! Caitlin makes fabulous things to fancy up any party! You can also use her sweet creations around your home for a little special love! I immediately fell in love with this adorable heart garland of Caitlin’s! I think this garland is awesome for so many things, you could of course use it at a bridal shower, wedding or baby shower but it’s also great for birthday parties or hanging in a special place in your home! I always love it when I can use something as party decor and then fit it right into my home decor and this piece is perfect for that!

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

What’s your favorite sweet treat? I’ve always loved butterscotch hard candies, but anything chocolate is also a favorite!

Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate? As I said before, anything chocolate is fine with me.

What is your favorite time of day to create? I like to create in the mornings, but with two little ones at home with me, I tend to create once they’ve gone to bed at night, or even during their naptime.

What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas is by far my favorite. I love making handmade decorations and gifts. It’s such a great feeling to watch someone open a gift that’s been made with love and care.

What color describes your personality best? Perhaps yellow would describe me best. I really am an outgoing and social person, but sometimes I am a little quiet when meeting new people. Once we’ve been introduced and chatted for a little while, I tend to open up and start to crack jokes.

What makes your life sweeter? My two miracle daughters are the sweetness in my life. I struggle with infertility, and after a long time trying to have kids, we finally got pregnant with our first daughter. She was born 3 months prematurely and it was a long struggle for her to make it through those first few months. She is a beautiful and thriving four year old now, and we’ve since had another girl. They fill my day with laughter & it’s my greatest joy to be with them, teaching them, every single day!

Why do you create what you create? Honestly, I make my paper party decorations because when I first opened my shop they were the only things that sold. I love to make anything that looks beautiful and tend to teach myself new crafts just to be able to make new things, but the paper decorations started selling, and I’ve kept making them. I’ve slowly been building up my supplies, adding new products every few months, and I really love what my shop has become.

What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops? Without a doubt, I would have to say that my husband’s shop is one of my favorites. He loves to do woodworking and has recently started selling wooden spoons & children’s toys in his shop www.shavingsandsawdust.etsy.com. My other two favorites are Piggy and Dirt at www.kurtknudsen.etsy.com and Chameleon Girls at www.chameleongirls.etsy.com.

What advice would you give someone just starting out selling handmade? After I’d had my shop open for about a year & had a good amount of sales, a good friend sent me a note & encouraged me to raise my prices because she thought I was undervaluing my work. I took her advice and raised prices a bit. I worried that sales would go down, but the next month was my best month ever. It’s so important to find the right price for your items, and remember that you aren’t selling to yourself. People who buy your items either can’t or don’t have time to do what you do. Those people are willing to pay for something beautiful and handmade, so don’t be afraid to charge for your time and effort.

About you and what you create:  I’m a homemaker and mother to two buys little girls. I feel the need to create something beautiful every day. Etsy is an outlet for my creativity, and I love that I have a small part in making celebrations all over the world a little more cheerful. I love that I can create unique party decor with unexpected items like vintage dictionaries and sheet music, or cupcake wrappers with book pages. It’s a wonderful feeling when I see a message from a customer that says their item was just perfect, or brought just the right touch to their party. It’s so fun to get to be a part of so many special events, weddings, parties, and homes. That’s why I create!

As a special treat to our readers, Caitlin has extended a special 20% discount!  Use the code LIVESWEET when checking out at her Etsy shop!

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

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Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

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