Introducing Elsa our new baby kitty love!! (Sweet Life Workshop Photo Tips)

Guess what?!? We got a new kitty over the weekend!! Am I a little crazy? YES!! Did we need to add another little critter to our menagerie? NO! But we did anyway and we are so glad we did because she is just the sweetest!! I have always wanted a little orange kitty and was so surprised and excited to find one while on our hunt for a new kitten. Elsa is such a doll baby and fits right into our home. She is sweet and cuddly but also loves to play with the kids! Of course Noah and Libby are just crazy over her and she is very accepting of their grabby little hands as well (thank goodness!) I may be a little more attached then I had originally anticipated to be, but then again who wouldn’t be with all of this cuteness!!

Live Sweet Blog Sweet Life Photography Workshop www.livesweetblog.comTo start getting everyone ready for our upcoming Sweet Life online Photography Workshop I have decided to share some fun photo tips with you here each week! I chose these images of Elsa to share about this week because she is my current daily life photo muse and has been keeping me having lots of fun taking pictures!

I want to start by sharing that all of these images were taken on my Iphone not my point and shoot or professional camera!! Crazy right? I am loving the amazing quality pictures I can get with natural light when using my phone.  To get awesome images like these make sure that you are taking pictures during daylight hours in a well lit area. These first set of images I took in the car right after picking Elsa up, I new it would be getting dark soon and I so badly wanted to share images of her with everyone on instagram so I decided I better take a few pictures quick before it started getting dark. I of course didn’t have anything planned but wanted to photograph her against a crisp pretty backdrop so I pulled my coat over and set her on that to photograph her, wow what a huge difference it made! This is so simple and anyone could do it, these pictures turned out so much better on my cream coat than if I had just set her on the seat or console. So second tip is think about your backdrop and try to make it as appealing to the eye as possible. It doesn’t have to be planned to be pretty, just take one minute to look at your surroundings and choose something that will look better as your backdrop. I am so happy I thought about it for a minute because now I will forever have these adorable images of the day I picked our Elsa up!

Live Sweet Blog Sweet Life Photography Workshop

Photographing my littles sleeping is one of my all time favorites and something I cover more in the workshop! Noah fell asleep in his playroom with Elsa and she decided to come over and nap with him, this was such a sweet moment I just couldn’t resist capturing it! I had no natural light for the image on the right being that it was after dark so I decided to convert it to black and white so that my focus would not be on the colors that were not so natural. I feel that black and white also helps you focus more on the story and relationships in an image too!

Live Sweet Blog Sweet Life Photography Workshop

Our last tip today is on how to photograph you cats better! Interacting with them while they are doing their normal cat things is a great way to get fun and natural images. It’s best to let your cats be themselves and just have your camera on hand or in my case my phone to just pull out when ever they do something cute or funny! Elsa is doing a lot of exploring now so as she checks out new places I try and follow her to grab a couple shots of her being cute! It may take a few times so keep shooting if you don’t get that perfect one the first time, but you are sure to catch a great image if you keep at it!!
Live Sweet Blog Sweet Life Photography Workshop

This is just a little taste of some of the wonderfullness for photographing your everyday sweet moments that all of our attendees will be learning! If you enjoyed these tips head over to our registration page to find out more about our upcoming workshop and to sign up!!

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