Summer Bedtime

This post has been sponsored by Pampers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Our summer nighttime routine is a little more relaxed then the rest of the year and I love it. We usually open the sliding glass doors out onto the deck and spend some time cuddling together on the porch while Finn drinks his bedtime bottle. We all talk about the fun things we did that day and chat about what things we will do tomorrow. Finn loves running in and out of the house, playing peek a boo, climbing all over us and giggling as we chase him around. It’s the perfect way to get out that last little bit of energy to help ensure a good night’s rest and I love the sweet family time of making memories and ending the day on a happy note! Another huge role in a good night’s sleep around our house is amazing nighttime diapers! Pampers recently came out with new Baby Dry diapers that are thinner than ever for babies’ comfort while also offering amazing overnight protection (up to 12 hours!)! Finn loves his bedtime bottles and tends to be a heavy wetter in the night so we are especially thankful for that long lasting protection that keeps him feeling dry so that he will just keep sleeping! We all need extra sleep in the summer when we have such busy days outside and when baby gets a good night sleep so does everyone else!

Pampers new Baby Dry diapers are now available in stores in sizes 5 and 6, Finn is currently in a 5, but don’t fret because smaller sizes will be rolling out toward the end of the year (December) so keep your eyes peeled for them soon!

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