Introducing our newest baby Mr.Liam Moon

Mr.Liam Moon

Libby and Mr.Liam Moon

About two months ago one of our sweet friends was at her neighbor’s barn and found a litter of abandoned kittens. Their mama most likely too young or scared to know how to care for them had left them in a box in the barn. Our friend decided to try and save them by bottle feeding them, if any of you have ever tried this you’ll know that bottle feeding kittens is a big challenge. The babies were just a day old and she was able to save two of them, she immediately started sending me pictures each day and sharing stories of how they were doing, I’d send her a text if she didn’t send me one asking how they were eating and how it was going. I fell in love right away with this sweet little orange guy. Our friends husband is allergic to cats so she knew she would need to find good forever homes for these babies she was raising and of course she asked me if I wanted one!  I tried not to get to attached as kittens are so fragile for the first few weeks but once they opened their eyes and were eating well we started visiting them and knew this little guy, Mr.Liam Moon was meant to be ours!

Mr.Liam Moon

On Monday our sweet friend brought him over and surprised the kids and they have been loving on him ever since! It’s hard to pick names since both Noah and Libby have very strong opinions right now and Noah decided on Liam and Libby immediately started calling him Mr.Moon from one of our favorite movies Sing so I guess he’s Mr.Liam Moon!!

Noah and Mr.Liam MoonLibby and Mr.Liam MoonLibby and Mr.Liam MoonLibby and Mr.Liam MoonLibby and Mr.Liam MoonMr.Liam Moon

Libby was so excited when he arrived and said “Are we keeping him mommy?!” and when I told her yes we are adopting him, she said “yay today is his gotcha day!” Oh how I love her sweet little spirit!

We are so happy to have our sweet Mr.Liam Moon as part of our family and can’t wait to share his many adventures here with you! He is already fitting in wonderfully and has the sweetest little personality.

Libby and Mr.Liam MoonLibby and Mr.Liam MoonLibby and Mr.Liam Moon


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