Spreading the UI word!

I have had so much fun creating new marketing pieces for UI this year! I really feel like I have spread my wings and have been trying a lot of great new ideas and am loving them all! We tried to design a lot of cute & practical pieces this year so they not only look good but you can get lots of use out of them too! These are just a few to get you excited but don’t worry there are lots more! I can not wait to start spreading all of our goodies around to all of you. We have some of our things going out in new places like dr.s offices, dentists offices, dance studios and more. It will be exciting to see all of the new people we will meet through these cute pieces! If you own a business and would like to spread the word about UI there or if you just love UI and want to share more about us with your friends leave us a note and we will send you out a goody bag of UI pieces to share!


These are some of our awesome new notepads, journals, & matchbook notebooks with some fun glitter pencils!


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