Shaving Cream Paint

This is a very fun and easy art project to do with your kiddos. I just picked up a couple of cans of foaming shaving cream (make sure you buy the foaming kind not the gel) to keep on hand for when we are looking to get a little messy in a hurry. This is so easy all you have to do is spray some foaming shaving cream in a cup and add a couple of drops of food coloring to each cup and stir. Noah and I had fun making a big mess and painting all over the table and after we got bored with painting we threw the shaving cream at each other! Noah also decorated himself with the shaving cream paint, but no worries because it just washed right off. When we were all done I just took him up to the bathtub to clean him all off and he finished up by using the rest of the paint in the tub! It was lots of fun and I cleaned it all up with a wet rag in a couple of minutes (which I loved). So let your kiddos make a big mess on the next rainy day with some of there own shaving cream paint!

Love Lindsey

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