Snuggle With Me!

We are so excited to announce that our Live Sweet Shop is having a Snuggle Blanket Sale! My family loves our snuggle blankets, and thrilled to share them with you! We are offering ready-to-ship snuggle blankets in a variety of different designs, colors, and textures! The sale will go live tomorrow, September fourth at 8pm Eastern Standard Time in the Live Sweet Lounge and 8:30pm on our Live Sweet Shop Facebook page.  

As the cooler seasons are quickly approaching there is nothing quite as soothing as our snuggle blankets. Claire and Poppy adore their blankets and love to cuddle up together when its time to rest after a long fun day. Our snuggle blankets make the perfect gift for any loved one and are not just for children. These blankets are perfect for you, your kids and even your husbands! Really anyone is sure to love them. So don’t forget to mark your calendars, and tune into this special sale to snag your favorites!

Snuggle Blanket Testimonials

I received my first Live Sweet Snuggle Blanket as a gift from my sister a few years ago and I fell in love! Whenever I get a chance to rest after a busy day I look forward to cuddling up on my bed with my snuggle blanket and watch my favorite show. The designs of these blankets are what I believe makes them so special. The Live Sweet Characters are so cute and bring so much personality and originality to each piece. I have the Pink Panda Snuggle Blanket and this design makes my heart so happy whenever I look at it. I have two snuggle blankets now and love both! — Alyssa

Live Sweet Shop’s Snuggle Blankets are at the top of my list of bedtime essentials! I’ve also learned that snuggle blankets aren’t just for winter cuddles! These blankets are so sweet and soft that I keep mine on my bed even in the thick of summer. I finally decided to go all out and get a queen sized blanket last Christmas because I was tired of fighting with my husband over our daughter’s toddler sized one and now there’s enough for us all to share! I’ve even given these as gifts to all my friends and family because everyone deserves the very best and sweetest cuddles and these blankets are perfect for just that! — Sarah

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