Shop Love: Sweet Swinging

One of my favorite things about being a small business owner is having the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other creative shops! The baby business has so much talent and creativity! It’s always fun to make new friends and try out new quality products.

Sweet Swinging

I would love to share a shop called Sweet Swinging. Their beautiful swings have been the perfect addition to my growing family. Marah and Sam founded this sweet shop. They are an adorable husband and wife team from Iowa. The couple started their business two years ago. Inspired by their own children, they created a comfortable safe swing that’s easy to add to any living space. As parents, their ideas began because they wanted to have a baby swing that wasn’t made from harsh plastic materials.

They discovered a need for young families to have a beautiful safe swing for their children to enjoy. They decided to make a swing of their own from quality fabrics and wood. As they put their creativity to the test, they began to see their ideas come to life! Soon thereafter, they launched their business!

I am such a fan of their swings so I decided to have a fun Q&A with them. This awesome duo share their small business advice with you! Check out the Q&A below. And make sure to stop on by their shop. Be sure to take a peek at their amazing products and show them some love.

Sweet Swinging Q&A

What’s one tip you’d like to share with new creatives getting started about running a small business?

If I were to share one tip about running a small business, it’s to be prepared to work over 40 hours a week sometimes. I had no idea how much actual work would be put into the business until we were in the midst of it all. 

What or who inspires you?

This one is easy! My kids. We have a 3 and 4 year old and they’ve been the biggest inspiration for us. 

What’s your best selling product?

Right now neutrals seem to win the hearts of everyone! So our best sellers are most of the neutral colors, nutmeg, cream, etc. People are obsessed with our high back design! 

What is one thing you like to do when you’re not working?

Since I work so many hours a day almost every day, I love spending time with my family and unplugging completely whenever I get the chance! 

I hope this advice inspires you to pursue your dream whether it’s to run a small business or to share your creativity with the world. 

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