Rubber Stamps (Etsy Fabulous Finds)

I have been having fun browsing on Etsy for special Christmas gifts to give and fun things to use to make Christmas gifts too! I am loving rubber stamps right now so I thought I would share some of my favorites here with you! I have ordered from a few of these Etsy shops and everything is so nice, I am a sucker for the hand carved stamps, I love how unique and orignal they are! I am hoping to get this little cupcake set soon, can’t wait to make some cute little cards with them! I have the little circus alphabet set and love it, it is made so well and comes in an adorable little wooden box, all of the letters are so adorable!



1) Hello Stamp Talk to the sun 2) Cupcake Stamp Set Memi The Rainbow 3) Pretty Embellishing Stamps Talk to the Sun 4) Circus Alphabet Frizzel Stix 5) Mustache’s Sonstnochwas


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