Reintroducing: Millie & Milo

Our sweet miniature donkeys!

I came up with this idea to reintroduce and introduce you all to our fuzzy critters. We expand our farm with more animals every year and people tend to miss our newest additions. Some of them we just never really went in-depth with who they are or it’s been a while since you have heard from them. Each week I plan to post a new blog post spotlighting one or more of our fuzzy loves! They each have such different personalities and characteristics that we just adore and hey, why not share it all with you! This week we’d like to reintroduce our miniature donkeys, Millie & Milo!

I never imagined adding anything larger than a goat to our little farm. Growing up as a teenager we had miniature goats and smaller breeds of sheep, but nothing larger than that. I’ve always been afraid of bigger animals like horses and cows, so I never thought I would go down the path of adding anything larger than goats or miniature breed’s. One day I was researching alpacas and Noah came to me and asked if we go look at getting a miniature donkey. At first I was wary of this, but I did a bunch of research and looked for a place where we could get one that was reliable.

I soon fell in love with them, they seemed so sweet and they had such a friendly temperament. I talked to quite a few people about them, joined different Facebook groups, I wanted to know as much as possible. Everyone I had interacted with about them seemed to love them and had such a special bond with theirs.

We then began looking for someone who was selling them. We contacted a bunch of local farms but ended up heading about 3 1/2 hours away. One day I took the kids to a farm that had miniature donkeys and we just immediately fell in love with them. I was just looking at getting a baby, but we knew that they were best in pairs. This place had a mama and baby pair that would be ready to go in just a few weeks. After seeing them all on the farm and having such an amazing time, we came home and I made the decision to get Millie and Milo!

We made arrangements to have them be brought to the farm and I even got to surprise the kids with them! It was such a fun surprise and the kids were over the moon about them. They both have funny personalities. I just love it when I go out in the morning to feed them they just always bray yell to me because they know it’s time to eat. At night they always do this loud bray that is just so silly. I love watching them run through the woods and chase after one another. My absolute favorite part about them is in the morning when they come and nuzzle up to me. They love getting scratches on their necks and it is just so sweet.

They really are just such gentle miniature giants. As Claire got older I would take her out and introduce her to the animals. The first time I introduced her to them it just filled my heart with some much love. I was holding her and they came right up to her and put their faces right in her hands. It was one of the sweetest moments I had ever seen and they just warmed up to her so fast. They are some of the sweetest animals I have had and are just so much fun to have around the barnyard!

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