Random Post (Iphone pics of what we’ve been up to)

So this week has been one of catching up and getting ready for the craziness that August holds for us. We are so booked for August I hope I can keep up but we are working our hardest on getting everyone in before our September holiday.

I have been having so much fun going through my new mini Boden catalog!! Everything is so adorable, I am making my must have list for Noah and our sweetheart, Boden is twice as fun now that I can shop for girls clothes too!! If you haven’t checked out Boden’s Autumn line yet you must because it is adorable.

We went and did our finger printing on Thursday. This was the last big step on our end for our Home Study so now we just wait for things to get done so we can send our applications in!! I was surprised to see that the finger printing was all electronic, no ink. It was so fast and easy and what a relief to have all of the hard work behind us.

We are organizing and running the games at our local library blueberry festival so that has kept us busy and the festival is next weekend so we have had to finalize all of that. I will be doing a whole post on the festival later this week to fill you in on details but if you are looking for something fun to do with the kiddos on Friday and Saturday August 3rd and 4th plan to head to Montrose and visit us!

We spent last night at the B-Mets game, Noah enjoyed playing with some friends and eating lots of popcorn, cotton candy and soda! It was the perfect night for a baseball game, cool enough to be comfy but not to chilly.

Today we went out to lunch at my favorite restaurant the Summer House Grill. It is right here in sweet little Montrose which is one of the reasons why I love it but they also have the most amazing fresh organic food! If you have never ventured down for a try you must because you will love it!

Of course I have been shopping away some more. My dear friend Michelle helps feed my baby clothing addiction from Virginia, I don’t know if I should thank her or scold her, (lol I will thank her and ask her to help more I think!!) She so kindly sends me texts full of adorable clothing from her favorite children’s boutique and then I let her know what I want and she sends it to me. Oh just what I need another way to feed the addiction, but it is so fun and the outfits are so adorable! Thank you sweet Michelle for helping find such pretties for our sweetheart!

And now for a goodnight as I am very sleepily posting this. Noah got this adorable dragon from his Aunt Pat as a surprise yesterday. He loves him so much, he named him Smaug from the Hobbit that he and daddy are reading together. Noah was so excited to sleep with his new Smaug dragon last night. I just love that sweet sleepy smile of his. So goodnight and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


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