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Lindsey Bonnice

Lindsey Bonnice is a photographer, social media coach, content creator, and mom from Northeast Pennsylvania. Lindsey has over 20 years of photography experience in food, portraits, home, pets, and lifestyle children. Lindsey loves to make the shoots fun and really come to life!

Lindsey has a beautiful backyard, barnyard, lake and wooded area where the natural lighting glistens through making the perfect spot for magical photos. She also has a beautifully custom designed home with a unique colorful kitchen, pink and mint kitchenette and a variety of other beautiful spots to photograph in her home. She also does on location shooting as well.

You can find Lindsey online at: 

Instagram @livesweet
her blog www.livesweetblog.com
On Facebook @livesweet
on Pinterest at lovelivesweet
YouTube at @livesweet
Email: lindsey@lovelivesweet.com


Lindsey has a small hobby farm with close to 100 animals! She raises foster kittens and loves raising awareness about the joys of living with pets! Her animals include everything from dogs and cats to pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, sheep and goats!


Food & Drink

Lindsey loves baking and creating special and unique looking drinks her husband is an amazing chef and between the two of them they can create and photograph all of your food campaign needs! They also have a unique and colorful kitchen that makes for gorgeous photographs and video content.


Lindsey has 4 children ages 5-15, 2 boys and 2 girls. Her family has grown through adoption and their family homeschools. She’s always open for fun children and family related content!