Day 28: Inside– Our little bedroom where we are staying in Florida. Spending a lot of time cuddling Noah and watching some of my favorite shows here!

Day 29: Red– Love these pictures of Noah with Pluto and his big red tongue, they are just so sweet!

Day 30: Innocent– He looks so innocent when he sleeps. He is feeling much better but still catching up on sleep!

Day 31: Grow– Loved this decor at the mall today! How does your garden grow?

Day 32: You Today– Spent the day with my cutie, love how he loves his mama!

Day 33: Repetition– I’ve got twins in the backseat playing games on their phones!

Day 34: Bedside– My bags are packed just waiting next to the bed for the call that our little sweetheart will be arriving! I hope it’s soon!

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