Florida Update Week 2

I have started losing track of the days. I feel like I am living in another world even though I am still in the same country and living very comfortably. I am not on vacation but trying to keep myself busy every moment and keep Noah happy and entertained while living in a house that is not our home for the longest time we have ever been away from home and our family and friends. This is just not my speed, I am a busy, constantly working or crafting kind of girl. It just feels weird and so unlike me to be living this different life. I am looking forward to some normalcy and my home when we get through this! Things really are going well though, and I have so much to be thankful for. It has just been hard living this life that I am not used to.  I must admit though that I am starting to get a bit antsy with no trip home in sight yet. Our little sweetheart must know that we are here and will wait for her as long as we need to and is content to stay put for a bit longer. We thought she would certainly be here by now since she was expected to be quite early but it seems that since we got here all problems have stopped and she is staying put for some more growing. I of course am extremely thankful that I will be bringing home a full term baby but now we are almost 39 weeks and I want to have my whole family together and go home! I know it’s selfish and I will certainly wait an endless amount of time to bring my baby home but I can still hope that it will be really soon right!?!

Sunday we went and hung out at the playground for a bit to get Noah some fresh air. Fil took this picture of Noah and I, it is one of my new favorites of us and I am so happy to have it to remind me of this time we are here together waiting for our love to arrive.

One of my besties Juju was so sweet to take off two weeks to come down and stay with us! We are so thankful for her as it certainly does help to have a good friend by your side while you wait and wait. On our way to the airport to pick up Juju we took Noah bowling and had some delicious Thai food!

Noah is feeling much better which has made me a very happy momma and we have been out having fun again and the days have been passing by much faster. We went to Animal Kingdom on Tuesday and had lots of fun. We spent quite a bit of time in Dino Land which Noah loved. We also had a blast on the safari.

Wednesday I got to have lunch with our birthmom which was really great. It was so fun to see her 9 months pregnant, all cute with a nice big belly. I got the report from her doctors appointment on Tuesday and all is going well so they said it is just time for waiting now. We chatted quite a bit and I am so thankful to have gotten to know her a little better so that someday I can share with our little sweetheart about her!


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  • Pam Lewis (Caterson)Lins — I am SSSSSOOOOOO happy for you guys, I knew nothing about your beautiful daughter until the other day when your dad was talking to my dad. I can’t wait to see the pics you post and learn all about her. I’m also praying for the birthmom, her strength and courage to give up her daughter. I know you’ll raise her well and will keep the lines of communication open, which is absolutely wonderful. I just read that you’ve had lunch with her and saw the flowers that Phil got for her, so very thoughtful.

    All the best to all of you, travel back home safe and hopefully I’ll get to see all of you sometime soon! Love, Pam 🙂