Day 21: Dream– This is our little sweethearts bag all packed with her cute little clothes and blankies! Dreaming of when I get to hold her and dress her and call her my own!

Day 22: Makes me smile– Seeing him smile

Day 23: Transparent– Waterfalls in the Magic Kingdom today! It was such a fun day!

Day 24: Faux– Noah has made the house his own. New toys all over the faux zebra arpet remind me of how happy I am that he’s here with me on this wild adventure while we wait for our little sweetheart to arrive!

Day 25: Real– Real cuteness! SPent a little time in Anthropologie this evening for a little alone time! I just love that store!

Day 26: Guest– We are still dealing with a much unwanted guest of a nasty cough and cold. Hoping it leaves us soon so we can get back to life.

Day 27: Outside– He’s finally starting to feel a little better! So thankful for some time outside to enjoy the beautiful weather with my boys! Noah is slacklining with daddy!

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