Florida Trip Update

I can’t believe we have been here for almost a week already. It has been hard to be away from our home and family and friends but is so nice to know that we are only a short car ride away from being there when our little sweetheart arrives! It has been quite the week. We arrived safe and sound and sleepy on Sunday evening and after getting a little settled in we headed to Whole Foods and Target to stock up the house. We got some yummy food for Fil to cook for us throughout the week along with some of our staple snacks (goldfish, pirates booty, yogurt and some sweets) along with all the necessities from Target.

Monday we spent the day just hanging out and getting used to the place. We headed to the pool for a bit which is gorgeous. We also went and hung out at the playground for quite awhile. The playground is a great one and I see us spending a lot more time there in the next few weeks. Fil got all set up to work from here so Noah and I keep ourselves occupied during the day and then hang out with daddy in the evening. Fil has also been doing a lot of cooking for us so that we don’t have to eat out a lot while we are here which has been great!

Tuesday was a crazy day. I was supposed to get to join our birth mother for her dr.s apt Tuesday afternoon but something came up with her and it didn’t work out. I was quite disappointed but decided to take Noah and head to Downtown Disney to keep us busy. We did some shopping, built Noah a light saber and went on the carousal which is Noah’s favorite. We even got to have lunch at the Trex restaurant and Noah built a Dinosaur which he loves! I was supposed to hear an update about how the dr.s apt went sometime in the afternoon and I was a bit restless so we ended up staying in Downtown Disney to go bowling. This was Noah’s first time bowling so we were both excited. About 5 minutes into our game I got a call from the agency saying that our birth mom had just been sent to hospital because they thought she was going into labor and that I should try and get there soon. I was of course shocked and so excited, we rushed back to the house so that I could grab my things to head to the hospital and just before I was leaving I got another call saying that it turned out she wasn’t actually in labor and they would keep her and monitor her for a bit but most likely she would be heading home before the day was out. Tuesday was a long day we waited about 5 or 6 hours until we heard that she had been sent home and there would be no baby arriving today. All was well though and they think she should deliver sometime in the next week so we began to wait again! We also promised Noah to head back for another game of bowling soon!

Wednesday Noah and I spent the day in the Magic Kingdom! The thing Noah wanted to do most was see a bunch of the characters while we were down here so I am so glad that we got to spend the day together enjoying the magic of Disney! I took Noah to the League of Pirates so that he could become a real pirate. He chose to be Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It was so fun, he loved it and looked so stinkin cute when he was done! He walked around Disney the rest of the day as Jake, I just love this time in their life when they have such wonderful imaginations. He of course got several new swords to add to his collection as well.

On Wednesday night Noah came down with a bad cough and has now been sick for the last few days. As hard as it is to have sick kids at home it is even harder when you are away. I had to run to Target and pick up a bunch of the comfort things that we use when Noah is sick at home. It is also hard to make him lay low and rest when there are so many fun things to do so near by but hopefully he will start feeling better soon. This mama can’t take much more, I already don’t do well when he is sick let alone far away from home our own pediatrician and a phone call away from a newborn baby! Im praying he will be much better tomorrow. Here he is cuddling with his new baby Mickey, he got out little sweetheart a baby Minnie to give her when she comes home!

Today I got to run to the mall for a few hours by myself while Noah was napping at home with Fil. A mall about a half hour away has one of my favorite stores, an Anthropologie! I just love strolling through there looking at all of the wonderful things and imagining my house filled with it all. I tried on a billion different cute things and got a few fun pieces to add to my wardrobe. I also had my first taste of Pink Berry. I have heard wonderful things of it’s yumminess, but never had the chance to try it. It was very delicious, my favorite was the salted caramel! I also visited the Lululemon store at the recommendation from some good friends who said I would love it and well they were right! There were a ton of adorable things that I wanted, it is an athletic apparel store and everything was so cute that it even makes me want to exercise just to get to wear the clothes, and I hate exercising so you know the stuff must be great!

I am pretty much useless these days. I can’t really think straight or hardly think at all. I am ready for a giant sigh of relief when we finally become a family of four. The waiting is hard, it is great to be down here and close but I am best when keeping busy. There are so many things that run through my head when I let my thoughts go so I try and keep my mind other places and pray when I find myself heading down one of those paths I know I shouldn’t go. I keep thinking about how it will happen when I get the call and have to drive to the hospital and the moment she is born it all seems so far away yet I know it is within my grasp. So I go on waiting and trying to enjoy every minute with my boys.

Hopefully I will have some exciting baby news soon!

Love, Lindsey

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  • SenecaOhh Lindsey, I got chills reading through this post, even though I knew everything that was going on, it still gets me everytime. We miss you up here but you’ll be home soon with a new little bundle! God’s timing is perfect, just be patient! I love you! She’ll be here soon! <3

  • Kim ThomasHang in there Lindsey! You’re almost there. You’ll be holding that sweet baby soon. I’m sending you a hug. 🙂