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I’m still having a hard time accepting that summer is coming to an end. Some kiddos have already gone back to school and some will be going oh so soon!

To help make this school year a little sweeter, we’ve made the cutest donut lunch box note printables for you guys to send in your little’s lunches!

At the age of eleven I read an article in Teen Beat magazine that my soulmate, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was a vegetarian. In hopes of becoming closer to him, I too gave up meat. (The logic of an eleven-year-old is hilarious!) Going meatless meant that I was basically required to bring a packed lunch. My Mom would write a note on a napkin and insert it into my lunch every single day. After a while, she started including notes for my friends as well! This small gesture truly made my day (and my friends too!). I still have several of the notes tucked away in a box so I can one day show them to my own daughter. We hope these printables help you share some smiles with your little ones and start your own tradition!

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