Secret Garden Porch

I am so excited about this space and look forward to setting up our front porch. It is my favorite place to be in the summer, especially this summer so its been even more fun! One thing that’s a bit different this year from previous years is I would normally go out and shop for new pillows and décor but this year I didn’t have that option. A lot of stores around us are still closed so I just shopped around the house and grabbed different things to spruce up the area and make it fun!

I did get to go to a couple greenhouses and shops which was really fun. I got some awesome plants this year, instead of doing flowery plants I decided to do a lot of greenery. It has such a secret garden vibe I just love it! I tried to do a lot of plants in different sizes, heights, and shapes. It adds so much to the space and just looks so amazing. This year I also added the addition of our pink chaise lounge chair, it is so cozy to lay on and just really helps tie everything together.

The thing that is really nice about this area that everything is under a roof so I don’t have to constantly bring everything in and out. When we do I have a big storm I tend to pile everything up in a corner or by the door just in case, but other than that we can leave them out all summer long. It’s so nice being able to do that because in the mornings and evenings when it is chilly the kids love just being able to go out and cuddle up in a blanket. It’s just such a fun area to be in and we finally have enough seating now to all sit out there. I just enjoy our time out there together so much!

Another piece that we added was our Mohawk Home rug, this is an indoor/outdoor rug. I just love how this rug pulled the whole space together. This rug cleans up so nicely, if something gets spilled you can just wipe it right up! Mohawk Home just has such awesome indoor and outdoor rugs, but I just love the selection that they have for outdoor rugs!

We already have had some outdoor movies in this space. The kids and I sit out here almost every day for lunch. I have my meeting out here and even come out to just destress. I can already tell you that we are going to be spending many summer days and nights out here together.

I love when my father comes over and sits in one of the swings and reads to the kids, which is just so special and I am just so blessed to have them live so close! It is also such a special spot for me to sit and be able to watch the kids play down in the yard. At night we love to roast marshmallows on the little fire tower that we have on the deck. All these things are just so fun and it’s just an easy space to in. The little kids and big kids can play together easily with comfort and safety.

In the summer I just love being able to open up our sliding glass doors and it just becomes like an addition to our home. With all the plants all over the place, the fun seats, and all the colors it is just a magical space!

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  • Lynn WallaceSo cute!!! I love this post. You’re inspiring me to finally do something with our front porch. xxxx

  • LindseyAww yay thank you!!