Poodle Party

This past weekend Noah and I went to our good friend Isabella’s 5th birthday party! We had so much fun! Isabella’s mom Amy and I are good friends and one of the things we have in common is loving to plan parties! Amy did an amazing job on this year’s birthday party and had a blast designing everything. I happened to bring my camera along to capture some of the cuteness Amy had created and just had to share it with you.

The party was a huge success, the kids loved the puppy adoption center where they got to stuff there own puppies and fill out there adoption papers as well as pick out there very own dog tag for there new puppies they would be taking home. The treat table was gorgeous and everything was so yummy. Noah especially loved the scooby snacks that looked like dog bones and the coco puffs that looked like dog food (so fun!) My favorites were the cotton candy cones and the adorable chocolate dipped marshmallows! Amy even had custom stickers printed for the cups and used some of my favorite striped paper straws in the strawberry milk. She didn’t forget any details and everyone had a blast! The birthday girl was sweet as ever and we loved sharing her special day with her!

Happy Birthday, Bella!

Love Lindsey and Noah

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