Bunny Love

I am just in love with Etsy and last year when I was browsing around I found this adorable print called Bunny Love from A Little Sweetness. This is a perfect one for me just so sweet, simple and cute, I had to have it! I wanted to put it in a cute a little frame and being that my house is filled with frames you would think it wouldn’t have taken me a whole year to get it in a frame and displayed but alas here we are a year later and it is just getting done. I just love how it turned out though and it is sitting so cute in one of my little easels that I spray painted and sanded to match the frame. You must go to A Little Sweetness Etsy shop and take a look for yourself at all the cuteness there, Tasha Noel is the name of the artist and she is very talented and has so many cute little creations to check out!


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