Pastel & Whimsy Mood Board

As most of you have probably seen we have so much going on in our home right now! It’s al good and exciting but keeping me very busy with very little time to let my playful creative mind wonder so I am having to live through past projects at the moment to stay inspired. Several years ago I did a bunch of playing with creating mood boards and I still love looking back over them! This one is particularly sweet and I wanted to share it here with you! I think this one describes quite a bit about who I am and what love. I certainly want to get creating when I look at this!

Since all of these pretties are favorites of mine I wanted to include a list of where you can get some of them incase they become favorites of yours too!

1) Mini cards and envelopes 2) Chocolates By Leopolds– Non pariels 3) Washi Tape 4) Mini Crochet Bunny 5) Owl Pin 6) Spray painted bag & Flower I made, DIY coming soon 7) Cow Card 8) Sweet baby doll 9) Matchbook Notebooks I made coming soon to my Etsy store 10) Cotton Twine 11) I made these cute little packaged hair ties but you can get the Hair Tie Elastic on etsy 12) Piggy Coin Purse 13) Twisted Marshmallows 14) Kraft Polka Dot Mini Treat Bags 15) Adorable Artist Stamps 16) Hand Carved Stamps

Here is a list of places you can get some of my favorites too!

Shop Sweet Lulu

Pretty Tape

Lorie Marie

Frizzel Stix


Talk To The Sun

Rusi Dolls

In The Clear

The Gilded Bee

Misala Handmade

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