Our trip to the Cherry Blossoms

Noah has become super interested in the Presidents since he has been learning more about them at school and he’s been requesting a trip to see the giant Lincoln! We have also been wanting to get him into the Museum of Natural History since he is a Dinosaur nut at the moment. So of course I thought why not head down while the Cherry Blossoms are out!


This was both an excellent and kinda bad idea. I’m sure most of you know how beautiful the blossoms are if you’ve ever been or even seen pictures, but you would also know that there are thousands of people everywhere and you can’t hardly move which tends to be a bit difficult when traveling with an antsy 2 and 6 year old. We made the best of it though and thoroughly enjoyed our visit!


We stayed in Old Town Alexandria VA which was so much fun. I just love the quaintness of the old streets and buildings and the boutique  shopping and bakeries are pretty amazing!


Lincoln was a hit, but Noah was slightly disappointed that he couldn’t sit on him! Isn’t it funny the things that children think of?! They never cease to amaze me with all of their brilliant wonderings and ideas!


The blossoms were just stunning and fortunately Fil found the perfect little spot where the kids could sit so that I could snap some pictures! I’m so glad we went and got to be there when everything was in full bloom but I have a feeling this will be like a once every ten or twenty years kind of a visit!!


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