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Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats!

Springtime just gives me all of the baby fever. Every Spring we like to bring a new baby into our home to love and cherish. This year is extra special, with a stay at home order in place we aren’t going out or traveling so it gives us the extra time to love on and just be with our furry critters. This past Thursday we surprised the kids with two Nigerian Dwarf goats that we have adopted into our family!

They will be staying in the house with us and drinking from a bottle for the next six to eight weeks. Then once I feel they are ready we will be moving them outside with the other goats and sheep! They are going to be around 50lbs so they will stay pretty small.

The kids were so excited when we brought them through the door and already adore them so much. Libby and Claire are both huge animal lovers and they are both so out of their minds about them. Every chance they get they are sitting with them giving them tons of hugs and kisses. They both have been so helpful in wanting to give them their bottles, even Noah and Finn have been asking to feed them!

One of my favorite parts besides seeing the kids interact and love on our new fur babies is watching them become comfortable with us and feel at home. They are starting to jump and hop around the studio all over the furniture and it is just the cutest sight to see! We have them in an enclosure in the studio and they are doing so good. They will be wearing diapers while they are running around the house. This is something we do with most of our babies that normally live outside.

Like most of our newest additions, we are going to need your help on deciding a name! Deciding a name for my new babies is so hard for me, so we are going to have a naming contest on Instagram in the coming days so make sure to watch our stories @livesweet. Once we decide a name for these two ladies we will be announcing it here on the blog first!

Make sure to be watching out stories on Instagram @livesweet and also on @thesweetfluff we are going to be posting tons of videos and photos for everyone to soak in as much cuteness as possible! We hope with sharing their cuteness with everyone it will make you smile and cheerful. We all could use some happiness during this time and baby goats are sure to provide that!

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