Our loss

Sorry that I have been absent the past week. I so enjoying blogging and sharing with you all here on an almost daily basis but we had several big things both good and bad happen in the last two weeks that have kept me away.

First our very sad news and the thing that has kept me away the most is that we lost my grandfather just over a week ago. He has had quite a few health complications over the last few years but his death was very sudden and is still a bit of a shock. He came down with a cold and within a week he was in the hospital with pneumonia and less than 48 hrs later he had passed away. It was all in the midst of the 4th of July and Libby’s gotcha day celebration so we had to grieve and celebrate all at the same time which is so very difficult.

My grandfather (my mom’s father) was a great father and grandfather and great grandfather. We saw him always at birthdays, holidays, special occasions and other special visits through out the year and he always did something special for us when we saw him. He and my grandmother loved to spoil us, they were both crazy about their family and he just loved little Noah. He gave each of his grandchildren their first cars and was always so excited for us when we started driving! He was 81 and lived a great life full of lots of love, family and golfing! We are so thankful that he did not have to suffer long as that was one of our biggest fears for him after he suffered a heart attack two and a half years ago. His favorite thing to do was golf and he only just had to quit about two months ago. I feel so blessed to have had him a part of my life for the past 27 years and to have known him so well. My mom and dad were able to go and be with him in the hospital right before he past away which was such a blessing.

Saying good bye is never easy but I am so thankful for all of the wonderful family and friends in our life who have supported us through this hard time. My grandfather passed away on Friday the 5th and we had Libby’s gotcha day celebration planned for the 6th with over 100 people planning to come celebrate with us. I had such a hard time deciding wether to carry on with the party or not. How could we celebrate when we were so sad and grieving over the loss of grandpa. After lots of talking it over we decided that the best thing for all of us would be together with family and friends and of course grandpa would want us to celebrate Libby so we decided to go forward with the party. It ended up being so nice surrounded by the ones we love and they helped us mourn and celebrate at the same time.

I am officially exhausted but thankful for all of the memories I have of my grandfather and for all of those who love and share this ever changing life with me.

Love, Lindsey

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