Noah’s first own pet.

We got a bunny! Just what I needed right, life was calming down a bit to much for me, I mean my baby is almost 5 months old now, the house has started being built, I’m working, blogging and Noah has as much energy as ever but why not get a bunny! I find that I thrive on craziness, even though I like my occasional quiet days I tend to like to have a lot going on around me and well bunnies are just so cute! I have been wanting Noah to get his first pet of his own for awhile but had put it on hold until everything was final with the adoption. Most people go with a fish or something for the first pet but I have a thing for bunnies and when he and I started discussing what pet he would choose lets just say I steered him in the bunny direction! I’m not a hamster, gerbil or guinea pig kind of girl and we already have three dogs and two cats so if it was going to be something fuzzy it had to be a bunny and a sweet little bunny it is. Tuesday I told Noah I had a surprise and we drove down to pick her up. He was so excited and so surprised! Her name is Lucy at the moment, we will see if that sticks. She is an adorable little thing and Noah just loves her. He carries her around and has her sit next to him when he watches movies. He says things like “I just love my very own pet mommy” and “Isn’t she just the cutest” I think they will be good friends!

Oh and did I mention that I gave her cage a makeover! You can do almost anything with a little fabric and spray paint! Monday night I stayed up until around 1am cutening up our new arrivals little cage so that she could come home to a special little place just for her and of course tt had to match the decor!


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