Organizing the office

I have been trying so hard to get things organized, I still have a long way to go but I feel like I am finally getting somewhere. The office has always been my biggest challenge because there are so many little things that need a place and we are constantly changing and adding new things. My office is also my creative room so I keep all of my crafting goodies in here too. I also have a little art space for Noah in my office so that he can work alongside of me, which creates a whole new mess dynamic, and also lots of fun. I still have a few piles to go through but things are coming together and finding a place. I spray painted a few pieces of furniture and baskets to make all of the colors work together. I have been looking for organizing and functional decorating ideas on some of my favorite blogs, Pinterest and favorite magazines. This has helped me to create a pretty and cute look as well as functionality.

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