November 2021 Free Phone Wallpapers!

FREE Vibrant Autumn Phone Wallpapers for the month of November 2021!

Happy Thankful Month!

What are you thankful for? This time of year is a great time to think back on how you have been blessed this year. Personally, my family recently moved states and I am thankful to be starting a new adventure with my most favorite people in the whole world. We hope you use these wallpapers and when you see them, take a minute to think of something you’re thankful for. Never forget how truly blessed we are!


Anna | Live Sweet Marketing Coordinator

Use the links below to download these November 2021 FREE phone wallpapers!

*Tip: On devices use the “still” setting instead of “perspective” & zoom out for the best fit!*

iPhone X (Large Screen) 

iPhone 6/7/8 (Small Screen)

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