Carebear Dresses Made for Princesses!

Growing up I always loved carebears and honestly, I still love them now! When Pleiades Designs reached out to me and asked to collaborate, they said I could pick whichever dresses I wanted. I went right for the Carebear dresses! I had seen them before and I just knew Libby and Claire needed them! The girls instantly fell in love and they are just gorgeous! They are the perfect fit and are a very soft velvety valor on top with a silk bottom. Of course, I had to do a little photoshoot of them and it was so much fun, they just love them!

As soon as these dresses arrived I knew I had to get the girls photographed as soon as possible! It was a good thing I did because they live in these dresses, especially Claire. Claire wears hers all the time because it makes her feel like a princess.

Let’s get back to talking about Carebears a little bit, who else is a huge fan? I am so happy Carebears is making a comeback and they are on lots of things for kids and adults! The kids love to watch their show and it is just the sweetest. I even have my own Carebear sweatshirt and sweatpants that I am wearing multiple times a week. They are from By Samii Ryan and I just love how fun this brand is! All the fun pastel colors of course get me all giddy, but just my girls being able to love something that I do is just so special!

We are officially back in the season of dressing up so these dresses were the perfect addition! If you have been with us for a while you should remember how much Libby loved to dress up. She hasn’t been into dressing up as much anymore as she gets older. Claire hasn’t really gotten into dressing up much yet, which makes me sad. As soon as I brought these dresses out they both couldn’t wait the put them on and twirl around. It made my heart so happy and now Claire asks Libby for help several times a week to put on her dresses!

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