Mint and Pink Kitchen Inspiration

A pink and mint kitchen was a very bold decision I made when we were building the house. We have shared this kitchen before, but I was doing a photoshoot with Claire with some sponsored content for a yogurt brand and I just had to share how cute all these pictures turned out! When we were building the house we had this bonus room in our basement. The house is three levels and this is considered a basement but it isn’t really a basement. Our house is what they call an upside-down house. All the bedrooms are on the lower level of the house and you walk in on the second level.On the upper level is where my office is and the second level has the kitchen, studio, and a bathroom on it. The basement has all the bedrooms, this kitchenette, and two bathrooms.

When we decided to finish the lowest level with bedrooms we ended up with this bonus bedroom which is now Libby’s bedroom and we decided to put this kitchenette in as well! We wanted to put this in so we had a spot to bathe animals or the kids in. This spot is right where we come in from the lake so we figured it would be the perfect place for it! We don’t use it as a kitchen right now, but we do use the mini-fridge for extra storage and the sink all the time. I am so happy we put this in and it really just turned into the cutest little area!

When we were deciding what colors to do in this space, it was a space we didn’t know what we were going to be using it for. So I had all the freedom to choose which colors I wanted! This was really when I was just getting into using pastel colors. Bright colors were used previously in my decorating and then we started transitioning into pastels. I was thinking how fun would it be to have a pink and mint kitchen. I was nervous about how it was going to turn out because these were going to be custom-made. We just decided to go for it and I am so excited that I did! They turned out perfect and everything I could’ve wished for honestly! They are so cute and they make the room so welcoming and it makes it so fun to decorate!

We still don’t know what we are going to use this for in the long run but in the meantime, we do tons of fun pictures and photoshoots when needed. In the meantime, we use the sink to clean up the animals and clean off when we come off of the beach. It is just a fun and unique space to have and I am so happy that I decided to put it in!

You may have seen photos similar to these and that would be because I did a photoshoot of Libby here! Libby was around the same age as Claire and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recreate her photos. Head to our other blog post about the kitchenette to see some throwback photos of Libby!

I hope you enjoyed learning about the inspiration behind my mint and pink kitchenette. You can get more mint and pink inspiration over on our Instagram! Head to Instagram and follow us at @livesweet or @livesweethome!

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