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I have always loved taro-flavored bubble tea when I have gotten it from our local bubble tea shop. I love the taro blizzards they make! If you haven’t tried it, it almost tastes like cookie dough and has a purple color. It is sweet but not too sweet which is why I love it. This Mermaid bubble tea we did with blackberry syrup and oh my goodness it is delicious. The tapioca pearls just put it over the top! This one you can make for your kiddos or yourself! It will quickly become a favorite bubble tea just like it did for me! Always remember to boil your water, mix your powder so it is all dissolved.. Once you do that I add the syrup and mix it all together. Add ice to your cup, then pour in the taro and blackberry mixture, and finish it off with milk! This is such a fun treat and I love the color of it. It’s perfect for a mermaid-themed party or just to have whenever you want!

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I made a meringue topping for my mermaid bubble tea because I wanted to make it special. You don’t have to go the extra mile to make that! If you are interested in making meringue cook a tbsp of sugar, 1/4 cup water, and boil it. I put an egg white into the mixer and added the sugar syrup to the egg white. Mix it until it gets fluffy or to the texture you like! I love meringue it makes the perfect topping that stands up onto the drink. It is also perfect for picture taking! It’s also just fun to make and perfect to add to this bubble tea.

For cooking the tapioca I just follow the directions on the bag and most of the time I cook it just a bit extra. One tip I will give you for cooking the tapioca is to add one tbsp to the water that you are cooking the tapioca in. This makes the tapioca a little bit sweeter and adds some extra flavor. Boil it for a few minutes with the lid on and then I take it off. I boil it a bit longer than the bag says, this gives it a softer texture than the usually chewy texture. I just prefer them softer, but of course, cook them to your liking!

Really play around when you make it, if it’s too hard cook it longer and if it’s too soft then don’t cook it as long. I really played around with it when I first started making it so just do that until you find what you like best for your bubble tea!

I have bought several different kinds of tapioca on Amazon and they all have been good, but this one that I will be linking up to in the recipe is in a large package so it lasts longer. The other ones were smaller and pretty expensive, so I feel this one is more bang for your buck! I have no had any luck with saving leftover tapioca after I cook it. You can open the bag, take it out and use what you want, then store the unused bag of tapioca in the fridge. I always put a rubber band or clip on it so it stays closed tightly and then I put it in a ziplock bag to be stored in the fridge. I have been able to store this for up to a month this way!

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This is a super fun drink to make and you are going to love it. It is so delicious even our foster kitty booboo had to take a quick look at it! If you make this drink make sure to let me know! You can tag me on Instagram @livesweet or you can tag me at  #livesweetrecipes!

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