Meet Percy, the Precious Mini Piglet!

The newest addition to our mini piglet addiction!

woman holding mini pig

Well, I did a thing and got another baby piglet!

Meet Percy, the Precious Mini Piglet! What can I say, I’m officially a pig addict!

Poppy truly needed a companion because attention so much and wants someone to cuddle with 24/7. Of course, we do our best to be with her as much as we can but sometimes we have to get up stop holding her! So we thought she would be happiest if she had a piggy buddy to cuddle with!

I’ll be sharing a dedicated post with how we got them to bond and how they are doing together now, but first, here are some adorable images so you can meet of our new sweet boy Percy, the precious mini piglet!

mini piglet in woman's hand

Percy is our first male piglet so I’m looking forward to seeing how his personality shines in comparison to the girls. So far he is very sweet, cuddly, super precious and follows us and Poppy wherever we go!

woman holding mini piglet

How adorable are Percy’s little piglet eyebrows?! That in combination with his black spots and his precious pink nose is overwhelmingly adorable! I just can’t get enough!

spotted mini piglet

Are you piglet obsessed too??

Share your piggy love in the comments! Percy can’t wait to read them!!

percy the mini piglet

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meet percy the mini pig
meet percy the mini pig
meet percy the mini pig
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