Introducing Sweet Poppy, the Mini Pig!

We’ve been keeping a little secret around here for a few weeks! I have been considering adding another piggy baby for the last 6 months. And I finally found the perfect one to call our own! Meet precious Poppy the mini pig!!

Considering a new pet

Poppy is quite the little character! She has already stolen all of our hearts with her sweet, silly and loving personality! Every time we add a new pet to our family, I take a lot of time to think about how they will fit in. I consider if we have the appropriate amount of time to love and care for them. We spend most of our summer at home. I knew it was a great time to get a new piggy adjusted to the family.

Finding the right breeder

When we decided to get our new piggy, I spent quite a bit of time searching for a reputable breeder to get our new piggy from. It was important to make sure they were being cared for properly. Some breeders will underfeed their pigs to keep them smaller which is so unhealthy. I also wanted someone who spends lots of time with their piglets. Pigs by nature are very shy at first and need a lot of attention to get comfortable being handled.

I came across Autumn Acres Mini Pigs on IG and knew it was meant to be. She is seriously the sweetest! And her boys spend tons of time getting the piglets used to being held and played with. Autumn talked to me on the phone for an hour, and I felt such a connection to her! She was so kind and I could really tell how much she loves her piggy babies just like we do!

baby mini pig

Preparing for Poppy

Once we found the perfect mini pig for us we got to work getting ready for her. We created the sweetest space! (I’ll do a full blog post on her space because it’s so cute!) We had to wait a few weeks until she was ready to come home. When she arrived we immediately fell in love!

Sweet poppy

Poppy climbs on my lap every time I sit down in the studio. She loves to bury herself under blankets and likes to be part of everything that’s going on all the time! We have lots and lots of adorable pictures and videos to share. So get ready for a piggy overload of cuteness coming your way soon!


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poppy the mini pig
sweet poppy the mini pig
meet poppy the mini pig
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  • ShannonPoppy seems like a super sweet addition to your already super sweet extended family!