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During May it is tradition to think of mothers and all that they do for us. This year I will be celebrating my fourth official Mother’s Day! (My first unofficial Mother’s Day I was nine months pregnant and vaguely resembled a beached whale). Since becoming a mother myself I can say, without a doubt, that my opinion on mothers has changed DRASTICALLY.

Mothers are not just the people that mend boo-boos, read stories, and serve endless snacks. Mothers are the glue that holds each family together. Mothers are selfless (though they feel like they aren’t), they are beautiful (though they feel like a mess), they are strong (though their bellies may jiggle) and they are always there (even if you push them away), mothers are the ones who catch you when you fall and help you find you way again.

A mother to you may come biologically, through adoption or someone that has taken you in as their own without any legal requirement. The magic of a mother is their ability to ensure their children feel loved no matter the circumstances.

As a daughter, I can promise you that I have been upset with my own mother on more than one occasion. I can also assure you that 99.9% of those instances I was the problem; I was the one overreacting. Please note that I said that I was upset with my mother – not that she was upset with me. The number of times I can remember my mom being mad at me I can count on one hand (I don’t even need all the fingers!).

Mothers forgive. Mothers see the BEST in their children. Mothers are the most dependable human beings on earth who overflow with grace. During disputes, my mother has always forgiven me for the things I’ve said before I even said them. Now that I have my own child I can say without a doubt that the cause for this is an underlying, irrefutable source of love placed inside each mother by God. There is nothing my child could do to cause me to not love her and I am beyond grateful that I was raised by someone who felt the same way about me.

This Mother’s Day take the time to really think about all your own Mother / Aunt / Grandmother / Friend did for you. Think about them and if you are able to do so – thank them.

Thank you Mom!

Live Sweet Marketing Coordinator

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  • Leah OfaltThis is so sweet Anna!! Happy mothers day!