Loving Sledding!!

Hooray for finally getting snow here in North East PA! I am so excited that we will be having a white Christmas. It has been quite a dreary, rainy end of fall beginning of winter so when the snow started falling a few days ago I was ecstatic. We are so excited that we get to be heading to Florida in January to meet our little sweetheart but it means less winter in PA for us so I was hoping for a good snow that Noah could get to play and sled in before we head to warmer weather. Noah has never really done much sledding on his own yet since he was still a little young last year so I couldn’t wait to get him out this morning to do some sledding and that’s just what he did. He loved it! He just wanted to go again and again and again! It was so fun to see him out there grinning and giggling as he came down the hill each time. I have always loved sledding so I am glad it’s one of his favorites now too!

The dogs had as much fun as Noah, they were tearing through the snow chasing each other all around! After our sledding we came in warmed up and headed to the Summer House for lunch with my parents. This was such a fun day with lots of fun memories made. I love special Christmas days like these with my wonderful family!

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