Yummy, Festive Marshmallows for Christmas!

I got to do two fun holiday blog posts for Boden. With all the craziness in my life right now sometimes I forget to stop and spend sometime on the fun little creative parts that make Christmas extra special. Both of these were fun and pretty easy. Click here for the full DIY! I am really into marshmallows this year, can you tell! I bet they taste super yummy too but they were to cute to try so they are sitting in my dining area making things look extra cute.

I love taking my time and dressing up presents! More often then not though I find myself wrapping gifts just five minutes before handing them to that special someone so most of my gifts go un-garnished. So on that rare occasion when I have the time to add those extra special touches I am always pleased. Maybe one year I will wrap all of my present beautifully but that probably won’t be until I have no more kids in my house and who knows how many years that could be (hopefully lots!) So for now when I have an extra minute I will enjoy getting creative with my wrapping and when I don’t I am thankful for gift bags and tissue paper! Head over to Boden’s Tumblr page to take a peek at more fun wrapping ideas!

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festive marshmallows for the holidays
festive marshmallows for the holidays
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