Lounge Launch Party!!

Sunday we launched the Live Sweet Lounge and we had a little party to celebrate the launch with the kids. They’ve been hearing us talk about the lounge for months now and have been so curious as to what it is all about. Since the lounge is a celebration of relationships and community and we will be sharing lots more about our family over there I wanted to include the kids in this big beautiful dream coming true of mine. I was so proud to get this dream project up and running and it was so special to include the kids. We made cotton candy and cover it with sprinkles, daddy blew up some balloons for us and we had a dance party to celebrate!

The first week in the lounge has been so much fun and I continue to think of fun new ideas to share daily, this new space is turning out to be a favorite of mine! If you haven’t signed up yet be sure to click here so you don’t miss a thing! 

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