Libby’s Big Girl Bedroom

Libby and I have been planning and dreaming for her big girl bedroom for about six months now. I never finished decorating her room when we moved her into it after she moved out of the nursery and instead of finishing it at this point I decided it was time for a complete change to a larger bed and a whole new look. With a new baby in the house and all the baby prep that comes along with a new Little one I thought it would be fun for Libby to get a whole new look for her room in the process of prepping for baby. Libby also had been struggling with staying in bed and feeling comfortable in her own room so I really wanted to get her involved and make her room a special place that she was excited to be in.

We chose to go with a full size bed. Fil cuddles with her and reads to her before she goes to bed each night and they were getting a little cramped in her twin bed. Libby had also been super into sleepovers so I thought it would be fun to have a little bigger bed for special sleepover nights. I also love having larger beds in the kids room so that if we do need a place for an adult guest to stay on occasion we have a big enough bed ready to go.
The whole room was designed around her gorgeous bed frame from Newport Cottages! Their furniture is hands down my favorite furniture, it is custom made, amazing quality and looks far better in person then online! I chose a pale peachy pink for the base of the bed and used one of my own fabric designs printed on velvet for the tufted headboard. Newport Cottages is so easy to work with and when your pieces are finished they deliver them right to your door and assemble them which is amazing!!

How cute is this cream and pink faux cow skin rug by Vacht Van Vilt!? It is so stylish and adds the perfect finishing touch to the room!

I added several other pieces to her room that were things I’ve had for years. I put an old desk of mine in their for her to do her play makeup on or write notes to her friends(that’s her favorite right now!) The storage cubes are from target and were something I’ve had for years and the mustard armoire was a piece I had purchased years ago at a repurposed furniture store in Lancaster. The only other big piece I purchased was the gorgeous upholstered desk chair because I thought it was so sweet and feminine and would grow with her throughout her teen years.

I was very mindful to make her room look and feel both young and playful but also be something that could easily grow with her over the years. I know the majority of these pieces she will love and use until she is grown(I’m not going to say and out on her own because my babies are never leaving me, I won’t let them!)

After gathering together all the pieces for her room Libby and I worked on cleaning out lots of her old things and then had a ball setting up her new room. I wanted to have the majority of everything else ready before her bed arrived so that it would all come together for her once it got here. Everyday she would ask me excitedly is my bed coming today?! I set it all up and made her stay up stairs so that I could have her come down and surprise her! She was so thrilled and just beaming, she was so proud of her big girl bed and her sweet new space we created just for her!

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  • Heather McDonoughSo precious! I love all the pink! Would you mind sharing where you found the bedding? We just found our dream house and I’m planning on re-doing my 10 year olds bedroom!