Libby’s 6 Month Portraits

I know I am a little late sharing these but better late than never right! I had so many portrait sessions during the month of August when Libby turned 6 months and then we had a memorial service for my grandparents which was very nice but a whole other big emotional thing to deal with and the day after that we left for our week long family vacation. As soon as we returned home it was house decision making and Noah started his first week of preschool! Needless to say I am exhausted and overwhelmed. I have so much to share with you here to catch up but I haven’t had the energy to do much of anything other than survive. Im happy and healthy but tired. That really deep kind of tired that you know you can’t over come with just one or two good nights sleep which I by the way haven’t had in about 10 months.

So onto the good stuff, can you believe my little sweetheart turned 6 months old in August and is now 7 months old! Where has the time gone? It just seems to fly by, as much as I absolutely love this chunky, sitting up laughing stage I am already missing my teeny tiny cuddly newborn. Can I stop time or at least slow it down, I know you all feel this same way but these milestones really kill me every time and wait until I post about Noah’s first day of preschool and how I bawled my eyes out, it’s been one of those weeks let me tell you!

Libby couldn’t have looked more precious in the lemonade set, her skin tone goes beautifully with every color but she especially shines in the bright colors. She is the smiliest little thing and makes the most wonderful expressions! She has the best personality and makes us laugh all day long! We are so amazingly blessed to have this princess as part of our family and she surely fits right in! Her cuteness overwhelms me every day and to answer the question so many have asked: How do you not squeeze those cheeks all day long? Well the answer is we do! We hug, kiss and squeeze this little peanut all day until she just about can’t take it anymore. That’s the kinda love we have for her!

I couldn’t wait to share this with you. A friend of ours was looking over my shoulder when I was editing this and noticed that this picture of Libby was an identical expression to that of Noah’s picture that is hanging in our living room! I couldn’t believe it when I looked closer at it. I went and looked when I took this picture of Noah and sure enough it was from his 6 month session! I am so excited to have unknowingly captured these adorable expressions on both of them at the same age. What a true gift for this momma! Noah’s image is printed on a 16×24 gallery wrap and you can be sure there will be an identical one of Libby hanging up next to it in the new house! Makes me smile so big!

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  • LauraLove these! What a precious shoot AND your sweetie looked like she had a blast! 🙂