Lets take our sheepies for a walk

It’s that time of year again where we can take our sheepies out for walks all the time! I have missed our sweet sheep this winter. Since it was such a bitter cold winter we only got to be with them a little bit each day. They are such sweethearts and love to be around us so I am so happy to get to spend more time with them again! Libby loves to take them for walks and have them follow her all around.


Are these not some of the most hysterical pictures you’ve ever seen?! Two sheep and a baby bum!

Their wool coats are so big and fuzzy right now, as soon as it starts to stay warm at night too we will be getting them sheered and hope to get their wool processed so that we can use it fro fun projects.


I love how they still come to me when I “baa” to them! Their breed is called Baby Doll Sheep and they truly are such sweet baby dolls!!

Libby decided she wanted to have a race with them! I just love how sweetly she interacts with each of our different animals!!


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  • JoannJust hopped over from ABM.. YOUR PETS ARE ADORABLE! <3

  • jolove your style. something about interaction between animals and kids that makes you happy!