January 2019 Free Wallpapers!!

Are you YETI for the New Year?!

New year, new month, new wallpapers! Our precious yeti is SNOW ready to get a jump on his New Year resolutions. Do you set resolutions each year? We would love to hear your goals for 2019, reply in the comments to share wtih us! 


Live Sweet Marketing Coordinator

Use the links below to download these adorable FREE wallpapers!

*Tip: On devices use the “still” setting instead of “perspective” & zoom out for the best fit!*

Desktop | Desktop with Calendar
Laptop | Laptop with Calendar
iPhone X | iPhone X with Calendar | iPhone X Home Screen
iPhone 6/7/8iPhone 6/7/8 with Calendar iPhone 6/7/8 Home Screen
iPad | iPad with Calendar | iPad Home Screen
Apple Watch

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