It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter!

Libby and Claire in matching outfits

Easter is my second favorite holiday. The pastels and sweet fluffy critters and sweet treats just call to me! I love it all so much!! Designing our Easter line is always my favorite! Everything about it inspires me! Everything is starting to come to life again! We anticipate the flowers blooming, and sweet baby animals. I love the opportunity to share our sweet line with all of you! I get to share with you, all of the things I just adore about Easter!

adorable Easter products

Do you deck the halls for Easter too or just fill a basket for your littles? I enjoy decorating for Easter. It feels like bringing a little spring into the house before it’s fully sprung outside. It is also the time when the kids are getting excited to get back outside, and decorating helps everyone smile a little more as we go through rainy days. I’m excited to share the new Easter line with you!

Easter bunny and bag

This year’s Live Sweet pieces are nothing short of magical, I hope you all love them as much as I do! Head over to our Live Sweet Loves group to cover your home in pastel sweetness!!

Easter line

The Easter line has sweatshirts, pencil holders, drink cups and more! I just cannot control myself at all the cuteness!

Easter line
Easter line

Have you seen this adorable lamb? Oh goodness, it makes my heart melt.

Our adorable new Easter line

I just love these new multi-colored chicks! They’re perfect for littles and I know some adults who would love these in their lives!

Our Easter line

XO, Lindsey

Check out our Rainbow pig line!

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