Introducing Our New Babydoll Lambs!

Settling In

We are so excited to welcome these sweet babydoll lambs to our Live Sweet Farm! They came to us last week and they are settling into our family so beautifully.  Right now, we have them staying the little nursery in our house while they’re being bottle-fed and wearing diapers. We bottle-feed them about four times a day and they get some hay and a little grain. They love to be held and cuddled and they are the absolute sweetest!! 

Our kids love our new babydoll lambs

My kids can’t get enough of them. The real cuddle bears in our family are definitely me, Finny and Miss Libby. Noah is quite taken with them and constantly tells me how he thinks they are the sweetest animals.  Claire loves to watch and touch them and her curiosity grows each day. 

These baby doll lambs love to be cuddled and nuzzle their noses up to us.  They are such therapeutic animals and I find myself deeply relaxed and calmed after I pet and hold them.  They are so kind and loving. During the day we let them out of their nursery and allow them to follow us around the house. They are warming up to their surroundings and becoming more comfortable each day.

precious new babydoll lamb
So blessed

Since we moved into our house we haven’t had lambs for the past four to five years.  The last pair of lambs we had was a boy and girl and they were our first farm animals. The kids were smaller then so they don’t really remember.  So we are thrilled to have another boy and girl pair and had so much fun choosing their names! It was a difficult decision but we finally decided on Daisy and Duke. We feel so blessed to have these new baby doll lambs and consider it a very special time for our family. 

babydoll lamb swinging in a baby swing
Introducing our new babydoll lambs
look at that sweet lamby face
sweet babydoll lamb
our new babyddoll lambs

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Introducing our New Babydoll Lambs
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