Introducing our newest fuzzy babies the mini donkeys!

Help us name our new mama and baby boy donkey by commenting with your name ideas below!

Guys I may be crazy but I’m also so in love! I’ve dreamt for a long time of adding something a little bigger to this little hobby farm of ours but was never exactly sure what or who it would be. We recently had our heart strings pulled towards mini donkeys and ended up falling in love with everything about them when we started researching them more and went visiting with them! So over the weekend we welcomed this sweet mama and her precious baby boy!!

They are adjusting so well and are already part of the family and getting lots of love, attention and cuddles!

These are miniature wooly donkeys. They are a wonderful size with shaggy coats. Mama shed out her coat for the summer but it will come in thick like babies during the winter, then they will both shaggy! You can imagine that the cuteness here us almost more than we can handle and we can’t wait to share more of these sweeties with you here and on IG but first we need your help, these babes need names and we want to hear your ideas! Tell us your name choices for both mom and baby boy below to help us name our new donkeys!

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  • Ioana BentumDonny for the boy, Dolly for the mama 

  • Madeline BloomTeddy for the boy and Violet or Rosey for mama⚘

  • DominiqueGoldilocks and Bear

  • CindyOh my goodness…those two are adorable…Weezy and Guss

  • @Penelope_Pug1Olive and Pita! Or Pinot and Noir 🙂 

  • BuffyShirley and Otto. 

  • AmyDelilah and Diego 🙂

  • VeeMolly and Popsey 

  • BrynnSue and Oppo

  • KaylaPoppy and Sam! 
    Or Lola and Sam! 

  • KaylaOrrrrrrr Poppy (or Lola) and Huckleberry! (Huck for short) huckleberry and Finn ❤️❤️❤️

  • CherryPoppy and Oppo or Apple

  • ValSugar for mama and buttercup for baby

  • KaseyFrida (mama) Francisco (that’s a fun name to say! Baby boy)

  • RochelleDarla and Braaaaaydon. 

  • JessicaSunny (baby) and Cher (mama)!  Or Ginger (mama) and Sage (baby)!

  • TaylorOatie! That way you can call him Donkey Oatie (nod to Don Quixote de La Mancha)

  • VictoriaRapunzel for mama and Eugene or Flynn for baby boy (I like Flynn a little more but going off of characters)

  • TsmmyMomma Darla and baby boy Dylan 

  • PamelaColt for the baby boy Donkey and Sasha for the Mom Donkey’s name

  • AndreaEyrore and beany baby

  • SarahOliver (Ollie) for the baby boy! 
    Isabelle (izzy) for the mama 

  • ChristiChurro and Coco

  • Cindy DeMarcheDaisy and Duke!!

  • Julia GannonI love Duncan for the boy. Duncan the donkey <3 and then maybe Sassy for the momma?. She looks to be quite the Sassy Lassie 🙂 They are both beyond precious!  

  • Julia smithLupita and Fransisco……Spanish and donkeys and whatnots

  • RachelI like Olive and Pita that someone else posted, but my initial thought was Juanita and Pedro!

  • hannahPoppy for the mommy Charlie for the baby boy

  • haileyhector for the baby 

  • Megan NewmanAlvy & Annie 

  • Chris WDon Quixote and Dulcinea del Toboso! 🙂

  • MariAnne Marie and Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven

  • MistyMia and Jack 

  • AilemPaulina for mama and Fleco, Lucas or Paco (Paquito) for the little boy ❤

  • RyleighWill is would fit Momma perfectly in my opinion! Baby looks like a Teddy!

  • RyleighAhhh!! I meant Willow for Momma!!

  • RyleighAhhh!! I meant Willow for the momma. Don’t know how “Will is” got there :/

  • JanelPenelope and Jasper! 

  • JessicaI also like Tulip for mama and Jonesy for baby!

  • AndreaMs. Margaret Rose and Romeo

  • SusanSuzie and Ollie   Love them – so cute ! 

  • JajajaIsabelle & Jack

  • MollyBenji for the little boy and Betty for the mum 🙂

  • MarianaTheodore (Theo) and Matilda (Tillie)

  • SarahGus for the baby and I like Rosey for the momma

  • CiliaFor mommy: Celeste – meaning heavenly;  Luna – moon
    For baby boy: Dante – meaning enduring; Tobias, Toby for short, meaning God is good; Piper

  • ElinLuna and UnicornNala and NapoleonLeelou and Eeyore
    He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! They’re both precious. Love from Sweden x 

  • DominiqueRose and Jack

  • KelseyPebbles for Mamma and Shaggy for bubba