Homemade Slime Recipe

Homemade Slime

We have slowly been checking things off our summer bucket list and one of the things the kids were most excited about was to make this slime. I couldn’t find Sta-flo liquid starch at our local target so we had to order it online and wait for it to come, which was like torture for the kids! We finally got to make it though the other day and it was so much fun!

I love that this recipe is a safe one for the kids to play with and it’s simple enough that they can do most of it themselves. I helped measure and pour but then they just mixed away. This recipe makes a big batch so I just divided it in half so each of the kids could pick a color to make theirs and they both had lots to play with.

Slime Recipe

2 2/3 cups Elmers
2/3 cup liquid Sta-Flo starch(it’s important to use the Sta-Flo brand)
3 cups plus some of regular shaving cream (we used Barbasol original, not the gel)
A couple drops of food coloring of your choice

I don’t like slimes or putty’s that are super sticky to you and it seemed that every time this slime started to get sticky if we added more shaving cream it got better again. So we just kept the shaving cream out and they kept adding it as needed.


Homemade Slime

Start with a large bowl, pour in all ingredients and start mixing with your hands, the more you mix the more it comes together, if it feels too sticky just add more shaving cream until it reaches the consistency you like for playing. The kids had a ball with this and as long as we kept it off their clothes it was very little mess. It did stick to clothing so roll up sleeves or just take your shirt off like Noah did, ha!

They played with this for several hours over the course of three or four days, we stored it in plastic zip lock bags and just added shaving cream to give it some life each time they got it back out to play. I hope you and your littles get to try this and have tons of fun with it like we did!!

Homemade SlimeHomemade SlimeHomemade SlimeHomemade Slime

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