Introducing Miss Ruby

We are so in love with little Miss Ruby! She has made the perfect little addition to our family! She’s spunky, sassy and sweet as can be.

Many of you have asked what it’s like to care for a little piggy so I thought I would share a little info here!
Ruby sleeps in a playpen filled with a dog bed, a cozy blanket that she likes to bury herself under, a litter box and her food and water dish.

We bring her out to play during the day whenever we are around and can keep a good eye on her. When she is out and about she usually sniffs around at everything, chases after the kids or cuddles up on our laps.

She makes very little noise but does squeal when she isn’t picked up right or in the morning when it’s time to eat! Other than that she mostly snorts around a little while out playing and is usually quite when in her playpen unless she wants to come out and play.

She is very affectionate and loves to be held but also likes to have plenty of time to run around and play too!

Piglets are much easier to care for as babies but require a lot more work as they get older so be sure to research and have forever plans for your piggy!

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