Introducing Ariel and Sebastian


We are so in love with our newest additions Ariel and Sebastian the nigerian dwarf goats! I don’t usually let the kids name the pets but when I brought these two babies home as a surprise to them the day before mothers day they immediately named them Ariel and Sebastian and I haven’t had the heart to change them so here they the two little mermaid goats!!


Everyone fell in love right away and we’ve been snuggling and playing and laughing ever since! They have been the best behaved little babies and take a bottle four times a day which everyone loves to help give them! I kept them in the house for a few weeks until they got a little bigger and it got warm enough for them. They slept in a pack n play at night and wore diapers all around the house! Now they’ve moved out to the playhouse/pig house where they have their own little area to hang in, but during they day they come in for cuddles and play time!

Libby is the mama of them and carries Ariel around the house with her everywhere and Finn thinks they’re his new best buddies, baby goats are a lot like toddlers so I think he’s right!


Be sure to be watching our IG stories because we are always posting fun little videos with them. Living with baby goats in your house is one of the most fun adventures and certainly keeps us all smiling!

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