Everything you need for your Bunny and Enclosure Ideas!

We are big bunny fans over here. I love finding new enclosures for my bunnies and decorating the enclosure in adorable pastels. Providing a good cage environment is something that comes along with being a bunny owner, so today I want to share some of the essentials in putting together a bunny enclosure, as well as ways that you can be creative with the process! I will also be sharing some inspiration of others bunny enclosures! Get ready for all the pastels and bunny cuteness over here!

 We have tried all different kinds of bunny cages and enclosures over the years, and this one we have now is by far our favorite. This is made from a bed frame we enclosed to create a cage. My husband then added shelving and ramps so the bunnies could go up and down as they please. This has been amazing, we put down new foam flooring that is so easy to clean up! This bunny cage has been amazing for when we bring new babies into the house. It has the perfect amount of room for them to play around in. It is super versatile, so really any small animal would fit perfectly in here! The small wiring makes it easy so they can’t get out and nothing can get into them.

We purchased a hay feeder, litter box, food, and water holder. With indoor rabbit enclosures, it’s important to have a litter box. We litter train all of our indoor bunnies because it makes clean up so much easier! We have a water bottle for some of our bunnies, but not all of them. Bunnies like to lounge so we decided to buy them a hammock. It is the cutest sight-seeing them lounge on the hammock! Also buy some yummy hay and chewing treats to help your bunny not become bored.

Over the years we have learned a trick or two about clean up! Putting down a rug has been a huge time saver. If you have some old rugs, you can put them down in the pen, this way if they miss the litter box it is going right on the rug. Then you can shake the rug out and throw it in the washer!

Bunnies like to have somewhere to hide, as they would in nature. This is why we have included another bunny tower. We wanted them to have something they can go in to feel safe and protected. Our bunnies love the levels! It’s fun for them to be able to go up the ramps, it gives them extra room to play around. We also let them out for supervised playtime. It’s great to add a small fence you can wrap around the door for play time.

There are so many different ways to build them, whether you’re starting from scratch or using existing cages and enclosures and revamping them. I hope this inspires you to create a fun little home your bunny will love!

Bunny Must Haves!

  1. Bunny Litter Box
  2. Natural Chew Balls
  3. Hideaway Hut
  4. Playpen Fencing
  5. Paper Bedding
  6. Litter Box, Mini Broom, Bowls
  7. Outdoor Cage
  8. Indoor Pen
  9. Foraging Mat
  10. Our Other Favorites

Our Outdoor Bunny Pen

Check out more pictures of our outdoor bunny pen here!

Check out these indoor bunny enclosures!

How adorable is this set up? So much cuteness and space for them to hop around. You can check out the details for this enclosure here!

I just love how the front doors to this one open out! All the fun ramps to run up and down, the hanging chew toys, and its on a great floor for cleaning! You can check this rabbit house out here.

This enclosure is so fun with the hanging lights, teepee, a fun tunnel, and a little bed! i don’t think it can get much cuter than that! Check this one out here.

Her is a fun outdoor idea! Has the nice fencing to keep everyone safely inside, tunnels to play in, different places for the bunnies to hide, and grass for them to chew on! You can check some more outdoor enclosures out here!

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