Outdoor Bunny Enclosure


I have had bunnies since I was a little girl and they just bring me so much joy! They are just so cute and fluffy that it makes me so happy. I have always had some that live inside and some that live outside and the outdoor bunnies some type of problem would come to head with them. Either in be water freezing in the winter, them digging out of their pen, the pen not being big enough, or females and males getting mixed together. I finally think I found the solution to my problems!

The summer of 2020 was all about outdoor projects for the animals, this made my heart really happy! We have this giant outdoor pen for our bunnies in our lower yard, but they would constantly dig underneath the wire and get out. We would then put more wire, rocks, dirt, really whatever we could over the holes and they would just find a new way to escape. We finally decided to put boards down, they are up above the ground. We put this floor down that way they couldn’t dig to escape and its n easy clean up! All you have to do is bring a broom in and sweep it off!

We put the boards down and then it was time to get some enclosures for the bunnies. We have a bunny hotel that we built that has different compartments for the bunnies to hide and and get out of the elements. There are two other rabbit houses that hold their food and water that way it is out of them elements as well. They have a lounge chair that they love to lay on! We of course had to paint everything in Live Sweet colors to make it look cute.

Our bunnies have really been enjoying the upgrades we have made to their pad! Before the floor would get all mud and just a build up of hay and poop. This new floor is so much cleaner and the bunnies are much more happier with it!

The Winter of 2020 we finally ran electric down to the bunny pen! If you do animals in the winter you know the struggle with water. This has been such a huge help and now i don’t have to worry about the bunnies water freezing!

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